• 2781 Three Lakes Rd, North Charleston, SC 29418

Nova Gas Technologies is a major international supplier of gas mixtures for excimer lasers. Semiconductor manufacturing uses these excimer lasers in the lithography process. Similar lasers are used in vision correction surgery. Industrial applications include diamond marking and micro machining.

Our commitment to excellence is unsurpassed and our state of the art production facility allows us to provide customers with the highest quality excimer laser gas mixtures. Whether you require a gas mixture for semiconductor, medical or industrial laser applications you will find that Nova Gas can meet your needs.

Nova Gas Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1964 as Cryogenic Rare Gas Laboratories, Inc. to import, purify and resell the rare gases: Krypton, Neon, and Xenon. Nova Gas began to offer gas mixtures for excimer lasers in 1978. Our commitment to research and quality products continues into our 54th Year.

Nova Gas Technologies is ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.

For inquiries you may contact  us via phone, fax or email at the following:
US Toll Free 1-800-221-0830
Phone+1- 843-747-0956
Fax +1-843-747-0958
Email novagas@lasergas.com

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